Centre of Excellence in Marine and Offshore Engineering

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The Centre of Excellence in Marine and Offshore Engineering was established to develop highly-skilled Postgraduate level Engineers in all key areas of Marine and Offshore Engineering; and in particular, for applications in the offshore oil and gas industry. The centre is situated within the prestigious Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


Since its commissioning in 2018, the Centre of Excellence in Marine and Offshore Engineering of Rivers State University has evolved to become one of Nigerian leading technical and engineering Centres, equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, manned by a team of erudite academics, seasoned professionals and innovative researchers who are poised to produce hi-tech human capital, advance maritime knowledge, promote cutting-edge research and innovativeness.

Aims and Objectives

Providing a base with the needed up-to-date technology, requisite knowledge and skilled resource groups that will be available to carryout studies and research effectively.

Offering a forum where university and industry professionals can collaborate and interact to share knowledge and develop skills.

Training of Marine and Offshore Engineering graduates that will have the skills and competences required for effective performance at the work place at the end of their training


Industry Instructors

Think, Imagine, Create

The masters programmes at the Centre of Excellence are designed to develop highly skilled professional graduates in all key areas required in the maritime sector and, in the offshore oil and gas sector, ranging from research and development, design, construction/installation, to operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities.


 Msc in Marine Engineering Power Plant and Energy Management
 Msc in Naval Architecture and Ship Building
 Msc in Offshore/Subsea Engineering
Doctoral Program


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Committed To Excellence In Education.