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Our Programs

Masters: Marine Engineering Power Plant and Energy Management

The Master Degree in Marine Engineering programme entails the application of the theory and technology of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, electricity, mechanics of materials, rotordynamics, propulsion, applied mathematics, control engineering, computer-aided design (CAD), and ergometry in the design, analysis, innovation, construction, operation and maintenance of machinery and systems for merchant and naval ships and submarines.

Masters: Naval Architecture and Ship Building

The Master Degree in Naval Architecture programme involves the implementation of advanced knowledge and skills of mathematics, advanced ship hydromechanics, properties of materials, structures and advanced ship concepts to design/develop novel marine vehicles having good socioeconomic and environmental impacts.

Masters: Offshore/Subsea Engineering

The Master Degree in Offshore/Subsea Engineering applies the theory and technology of structure, oceanography, geotechnics, structural mechanics, corrosion and metallurgy to the design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of offshore structures, pipelines, umbilicals, risers, and their associated systems, and equipment for offshore energy development.

Doctoral Program

The PhD programmes are structured to apply advanced analytical & computational tools, modelling techniques, sound scientific principles, good experimentation, and innovativeness to perform advanced research, critical investigation, and development of novel systems for cost-effective solutions in the field of maritime technology.

Short Courses

The Centre has the following short courses in view for continuous education and professional development:

  • Measurement and Instrumentation for the oil and gas industry
  • IMO safety courses for seafarers
  • CAD in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture