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Our Hydrodynamics Laboratory

Towing Tank
Rivers, Nigeria

The hydrodynamic laboratory contains facilities and equipment for testing of models of ships, floating and fixed offshore structures, and subsea/submarine facilities. It consists of a towing tank with wavemaker, and beach and is equipped with a precision gantry towing carriage system with the capability for testing a wide range of model sizes and types.

The towing carriage can either tow the model or follow the self-propelled model and is equipped with computers and devices to register or control, variables such as speed, propeller thrust and torque, rudder angle etc. It is one of the most modern among the very few hydrodynamics laboratory facilities in Africa. Crafts are tested under various operating conditions to assist in the proper design and operations of these objects and systems.

A model test is presently a standard requirement for the validation of new ship designs or conversion. Towing tanks are therefore considered one of the most important experimental facilities in Marine and Offshore Engineering practice. The capabilities of the Towing tank are as follows:

  • Resistance and propulsion tests of ship models
  • Open water testing of propellers and propulsion systems
  • Ship Motion (i.e., Seakeeping) tests in head and following seas
  • Testing Seakeeping and towing operations of offshore structures
  • Testing of various types of structures - Towed arrays - Deflectors for seismic surveys
  • Manoeuvring testing of Torpedoes and Hydrofoil systems
  • Stability Testing of Marine Crafts
  • Coupled Vessel/FPSO, Mooring and Riser Systems Motion Testing in Waves
  • Subsea Pipelines and risers Testing
  • Floating Wave Energy Generation/Conversion Systems testing
  • Testing of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) under simulated operating conditions
  • Submarine Vehicles/Structures Testing
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Other facilities for research are: (a) Cavitation tunnel, (b) Fluid bench, (c) Wind tunnel, and (d) Simulators. The above capabilities cover present and future expected applications in the maritime industry. Therefore, the hydrodynamic laboratory and its accessories are important components of teaching and research at the Centre

Mechanical Laboratory

The main divisions of the mechanical laboratory are the thermos-fluid unit, Theory of Machines, Mechatronics, and Material testing and instrumentation. Simulators, prototypes of engines, machines and systems are available for academic demonstration

Marine Laboratory

“The marine engineering laboratory accommodates a diesel engine testbed, auxiliary machinery testing equipment, etc. The laboratory is equipped with facilities to demonstrate the construction, operation, troubleshooting and repair of marine machineries such as auxiliary engines, generators, centrifugal separators, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, starting air systems, valves, and compressors, heat exchangers, boilers, etc.”

Different types of practical, research experiments, testing and calibrations are conducted here. Practical are conducted in modules to demonstrate marine engineering and naval architectural knowledge, systems, and procedures.

Students experience a real-life simulation of the operating conditions of machinery, maritime systems, and the environment. Workshops with lathes, milling, grinding, forming, CNC cutting, and printing machines are integrated to facilitate fabrication and maintenance.


The Libraries and the Library Staff anticipate the needs of the centre by fostering a welcoming environment that provides access to innovative resources and services, collaborative and quiet study spaces, and facilitates knowledge creation and critical thinking.

“The Centre of Excellence in Marine and Offshore Engineering Libraries in combination with the Rivers State University Libraries strives to provide the best available resources and services to support students at the centre”
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Our library is air-conditioned, spacious, well furnished, duly illuminated, and adequately equipped with contemporary educational and research materials for readership.

The library staff are well-organized, enthusiastic, sociable, discipline, polite and possess ample complementary literary and technological skills to support students and researchers in their studies and innovative research & development.

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