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The Centre of Excellence in Marine and Offshore Engineering was established to develop highly-skilled Postgraduate level Engineers in all key areas of Marine and Offshore Engineering; and in particular, for applications in the offshore oil and gas industry. The centre is situated within the prestigious Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Since its commissioning in 2018, the Centre of Excellence in Marine and Offshore Engineering of Rivers State University has evolved to become one of Nigerian leading technical and engineering Centres, equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, manned by a team of erudite academics, seasoned professionals and innovative researchers who are poised to produce hi-tech human capital, advance maritime knowledge, promote cutting-edge research and innovativeness.

in addition, CoE is in good working collaborations with the academia, industry, public and private sectors in the pursuit of sustainable solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges, such as marine transportation, sustainable energy supply, climate change, and infrastructural development.

Our Aims and Objectives

The Centre of excellence in marine and offshore engineering is aimed at:

  • Providing a base with the needed up-to-date technology, requisite knowledge and skilled resource groups that will be available to carryout studies and research effectively.
  • Offering a forum where university and industry professionals can collaborate and interact to share knowledge and develop skills.
  • Training of Marine and Offshore Engineering graduates that will have the skills and competences required for effective performance at the work place at the end of their training.
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"The CoE in Marine and Offshore Engineering programs are designed to apply the basic principles of the physical sciences, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, corrosion, electrical technology, oceanography, robotics, geotechnics, structures, marine hydrodynamics as well as sound computational techniques for the safe and efficient design, construction, maintenance and expert management of marine systems. To us, excellence is a habit and not just an act. We deliver applied research, consultancy services, and knowledge exchange solutions to private, public, and voluntary sector partners. Our students have access to all on-campus facilities such as electronic and physical libraries, marine laboratories, design studios, research facilities, cosy accommodation, and health and fitness centres. Our staff are leading authorities in their fields who are very passionate about teaching, support positive learning outcomes, and have demonstrated excellence in intellectual and scholarly endeavors. The CoE, in practice, promotes and contributes to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), and a positive working and learning environment for all students, regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and social status. The Centre cultivates an environment that fosters a sense of belonging, respect, and community of support, where diversity is valued and celebrated. It emphasizes transdisciplinary scholarship, deeper community integration, and future-focused program delivery. Hence, I happily invite you to join us for a life-transforming experience in engineering knowledge, maritime skills, research, and development.


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The academic programmes in the Centre of Excellence are designed to develop highly skilled professional graduates in all key areas required in the maritime sector and in particular, in the offshore oil and gas sector, ranging from research and development, design, construction/installation, to operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities. The programmes conform to the specified professional standards and satisfy the requirements of the NUC Benchmark for Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS). At completion of the programme, graduates of the Centre would have acquired the requisite skills to make them fully functional and ready for opportunities in the maritime and oil and gas industry. A successful student, at the end, will be awarded a Master of Technology (MTech) degree of the Rivers State University in any of the specialized fields, such as.

  • Marine Engineering
  • Naval Architecture
  • Offshore and Subsea Engineering
In addition, every graduate will be awarded a Certificate by the Centre, called “Diploma of the Centre of Excellence (DCoE)”

The programmes are designed to cover a period of eighteen (18) months that includes six (6) months of internship geared towards executing a practical research project in an offshore oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company.

Apart from the training that will be given through a wide array of subject modules, students will also be exposed and equipped with up-to-date knowledge of recent concepts and skills, technological know-how, work flows and leadership training to make them functional and productive in a dynamic technology-driven world. This unique feature of the training ensures that the graduates are employable and adaptable and very relevant to the oil and gas industry in particular and the maritime industry in general. In order to achieve this, the Centre has been equipped with the following:

  • A modern marine hydrodynamics laboratory with the necessary hardware and software to conduct experimental work on marine crafts, floating and fixed structures and associated systems.
  • Engineering hardware and software to carry out various analyses that are related to development, design, installation/construction, operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities in the stated disciplines.
  • Computer Facility for training and development of specialized engineering sofrtwares as well as a Center – wide Information Technology (IT) facility/infrastructure for both teaching and research.
A cardinal focus is that graduates of the Centre acquire the requisite academic foundation and develop a mindset and intellectual orientation that responds to problem solving challenges.
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"Welcome to “The Centre of Excellence in Marine and Offshore Engineering” Rivers State University. The Centre was established in 2018, as the first and largest consortium of marine engineers and naval architects in Nigeria, with the aim of promoting academic excellence, human capacity building, cutting-edge research and technological innovations in the maritime industry, energy generation, infrastructural development and environmental safety. It provides high-quality teaching, state-of-the-art facilities and specialist manpower to support students in advanced studies, impact-driven research and utility-based technologies. It delivers expert training and services in design, analysis, modelling, simulation, production, monitoring, operation, diagnosis, maintenance and management of engineering systems and equipment, which work in marine environment, such as ships, and the variety of offshore structures. Students are introduced to the techniques and tools of research; in order to cultivate the spirit of enquiry and generally prepare to face challenges and solve problems in the field of Marine engineering, Naval architecture, and Offshore/Subsea engineering. Our research addresses industrial challenges and societal problems in the most cost-effective ways. On this note, I, on behalf of the Management of the Rivers State University and, the Centre of Excellence, wish you the best and blessings of God as you join our flag-ship to greatness."

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